Why Make Things Difficult? Try The Tre Ponti Ergonomic Dog Harness

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When it comes to choosing methods of walking your dog, there is no question that we prefer use of a harness over attaching a leash to a collar. Harnesses are much easier on a dog's throat and neck, and much easier on the dog walker's arm. They are an important tool for positive dog training, and overall, can help you have a more positive walking experience.

There are many harnesses available from which to choose: for small and large dogs alike, we are in love with the Tre Ponti Ergonomic Dog Harness. The experience for both dog and dog walker is both pleasant and pain-free allowing walks to be fun for everyone.

Tre Ponti Ergonomic Dog Harness

Small Dog Harnesses

We carry several harnesses for small dogs. The Adjustable Belly harnesses has exactly that: a strap to adjust for size. You want to make certain that the harness is not too loose or too tight. You need to be able to get two fingers comfortably yet snugly in between the dog and the strap. If your dog has a rounder belly, this might be the one for you. If your dog tends to lose weight or has his winter coat trimmed way down in the summer time, the Adjustable Belly will probably be your best bet.

Adjustable Belly Tre Ponti Dog Harness

The Liberty Buckle harness provides incredible comfort. It has one buckle on top while the rest of the harness is one seamless piece. Two D-rings at the top spread out the pressure points for the pooch. This harness is durable and waterproof, meaning that you will enjoy it for a long time and it will be worth the investment. Please be aware that this harness is not adjustable, so ensuring a perfect fit is important - something we are very happy to help you do! 

The Mesh Buckle harness is similar to the Liberty Buckle with its seamless design with the two D-rings. Here, the mesh offers a breathable fabric for your pup that is also easy to wash.

We also recommend the Liberta Strap harness for dogs in the very small to small range. This has the same "boomerang" design in a seamless one-piece unit as the others. Your dog will have complete range of movement without creating any sort of injury to his little throat. Human strength on a tiny dog can cause injuries, even what we'd consider innocuous movements from loving owners. Going with this harness for the tiny pups can allow you to have control over your dog while removing the anxiety of causing any unintended harm.

Medium to Large Dogs

Big dogs might be able to be bossed around by the little ones, but their strength can make walking with humans a difficult feat. In this case, it is the dog's unintended strength that can cause problems - for the dog walker! [This blogger admits to getting tennis elbow in a non-tennis-playing arm after walking two large dogs with (non-Tre Ponti) harnesses.] If you have a big dog who wants to pull, finding a harness that is comfortable for both the dog AND you is crucial.

The Forza Large Dog No-Pull Harness is designed for the big puller. As the dog pulls, there is a tightening around the chest. It is not painful for the dog but the tighter the tension, the less comfortable the dog will be, encouraging a looser, more relaxed walk. As a training tool for big dogs, this is fantastic. It is also adjustable for dogs that get fuller coats in the winter or may put on or lose a pound or two over time.

We also offer our Primo series. The Primo Large Dog Harness allows a dog total freedom of movement while giving the dog walker control: the ergonomic design with a handle provides comfort and a very sleek look for the dog. The Primo Carbon Fiber Harness has the same idea as the Primo Large Dog but with a padded front and a safety bar. This helps with dogs who have had skin blistered or rubbed raw from other harnesses made from rough fabric. Finally, specifically for large dogs we have the Primo Plus Harness. This has been great for large, barrel-chested dogs who need a wider band in the front. These are also adjustable for large dog needs. 

For medium to large dogs, 25 pounds on up, we also offer the Brio Large Dog Harness. This provides a moving D-ring that can slide from one side of the harness to the other without causing twists in the leash. This way if your dog moves from your left or right (or vice versa) out of security reasons or regular curiosity, you will not have to stop and untwist anything. It also has a reflective trim to allow for visibility at night and a padded front. 

Brio Tre Ponti Dog Harness

For the extra-large breeds, we recommend the Potenza Giant Dog Tre Ponti Harness which helps control the pulling power of dogs of this size. These have a safety handle but also distribute pressure enough to provide comfort for the dog walker.

Due to the one piece design, these harnesses are very easy to put on a dog, no matter the size. They have one buckle and are all created to allow for maximum comfort for both the dog and dog walker. There is no pinching or rubbing on any part of the dog, and these are meant to last. These harnesses are worth every penny. We are happy to help with any questions you may have. Contact us today so we can help you find which harness is right for your dog.

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