Liberty Strap Tre Ponti Dog Harness

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Tre Ponti Liberta Strap Small Dog Harnes is revolutionary in a perfect fit for small dog harnesses. Complete comfort without pushing on the dog's trachea but while keeping them safe, this harness is the answer to all those problems.  

You can rest assured that this harness will not rub blisters under their arm pits and will provide optimal control while giving your dog more of their natural freedom.  This harness is perfect for those hard to size up little or tea cup dogs.  Make walks with your dog more comfortable for your pup with this harness.

Its "boomerang" shape has been carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure points on the whole structure and prevents situations of suffocation.

  • Wear it in a few simple steps and enjoy a perfect fit.

  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, your dog will finally feel free to move, run and play.

  • Made of soft and flexible material, water-proof and easy to wash

NOTE:  Please take the time to measure your dog. 

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