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How to Wash Your DogSheetz Dog Bed Cover and DogSheetz Blanket.

Posted by David Hallum on

Follow these simple instructions for taking care of your DogSheetz and enjoy the benefits for a long time!  If you do not follow these rules, you run the risk of the waterproof barrier cracking in the DogSheetz and allowing liquid to seep through. Wash your DogSheetz Dog Bed Cover or Blanket in cold water using regular detergent (no bleach).  You may use scent beads or a dash of fabric softener. Dry your DogSheetz in air (no heat) or very low heat tumble dry.  If you prefer, you can lay/hang.  You may also use a dryer sheet. You're done! Best way to remember...

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Hooray for Dog Moms! Happy National Dog Mom's Day and Mothers Day!

Posted by Amy Hempe on

This week we will take time to give praise to the wonderful dog moms of the world, the moms who spend half their lives vacuuming up dog hair, who wake up at three am to let their little ones out and forgive them when all they want to do is have an early morning sniff, who clean up the accidents on the pricey Persian rug, who look for the matching harness and leash, who always have plenty of poop bags at the ready, and who search high and low for the highest quality food for their fur-baby, comparing ingredients before...

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