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3 Cheers for The Freedom Harness!

Posted by Amy Hempe on

             As the owner/dog-mom/concierge of two large dogs, I take my dog harnesses very seriously. They have to be easy to put on. They have to be comfortable for the dog. They need to provide a respite against pulling. And they can’t cost a bloody fortune.             The Freedom Harness does all of that.             It’s easy to put on. Harnesses can be beasts. I am not terribly adept with gizmos, and my spatial relation scores did not earn me any accolades as a child. Still, despite a few straps, you’ll find this harness to be...

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Why Make Things Difficult? Try The Tre Ponti Ergonomic Dog Harness

Posted by David Hallum on

When it comes to choosing methods of walking your dog, there is no question that we prefer use of a harness over attaching a leash to a collar. Harnesses are much easier on a dog's throat and neck, and much easier on the dog walker's arm. They are an important tool for positive dog training, and overall, can help you have a more positive walking experience. There are many harnesses available from which to choose: for small and large dogs alike, we are in love with the Tre Ponti Ergonomic Dog Harness. The experience for both dog and dog walker...

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