Hooray for Dog Moms! Happy National Dog Mom's Day and Mothers Day!

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This week we will take time to give praise to the wonderful dog moms of the world, the moms who spend half their lives vacuuming up dog hair, who wake up at three am to let their little ones out and forgive them when all they want to do is have an early morning sniff, who clean up the accidents on the pricey Persian rug, who look for the matching harness and leash, who always have plenty of poop bags at the ready, and who search high and low for the highest quality food for their fur-baby, comparing ingredients before deciding that they will just cook the food themselves.

Dog Mom with Adopted Dog

            These are the moms who will only date someone who accepts that the dog is the most important part of her life, the moms who have to cut social time short to go home and let the pups out. These are the moms who also bake pies for the neighbors in appreciation of their high bark tolerance – keeping those neighbors happy is a high priority.

            These are also the dog moms who take time off from work to get their pup to the vet. These moms will hop on the vet clinic scale twice: with their dog and without to get an accurate number, ignoring the fact that the digital readout is big enough for the entire clinic to read.  And these are the moms who do everything in their power to hold it together upon hearing a tough medical prognosis and mentally comprise a bucket list of everything her dog will have to do.

            Dog moms also have their share of sass to put up with. Anybody who has seen a dog through its adolescent phase knows that defiance is not limited to species. Patience is the key to getting through this rebellion, and these ladies have it in spades.

            Just being a dog mom can be the greatest gift. Dogs love unconditionally and are always in the moment neither fretting about the future nor getting mired in the past.  And whether she is a dog mom to a puppy who was the pick of the litter, a shelter rescue, or a foster who is awaiting a forever home, she loves her dog with her whole heart. 

Dog Mom with 2 small dogs

            For Mother’s Day this Sunday – AND the very first National Dog Mom’s Day on Saturday, check out some fabulous gift options at Really Good Pets. The Freedom Harness can offer respite for the big dog mom who has a strong puller. These harnesses have both a front and back clip with specially designed leashes that work in tandem with it.

            For the dog mom who needs to kick back and spend the evening watching Netflix with her pooch, Doggie Chicken Chips are the perfect low-calorie, no guilt doggy snack. Each chip has just two calories – you’ll wish that you could eat them as well!  These are also excellent training snacks, offering positive reinforcement for learning a new trick or skill.

            Finally, for the dog mom who has a dog who may have a few health issues and has been laundering the dog bed over and over, our DogSheetz dog bed cover is perfect. This waterproof barrier will prevent any liquid from getting onto the dog mattress. In the event of an accident just remove the DogSheetz cover and throw it in the wash. Saving time and energy can sometimes be the best gift of all.

            Dog moms are special people. Whether they also have human kids or fur kids belonging to multiple species, they deserve our gratitude.


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