DogSheetz are Now In Stock!

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It's official!  DogSheetz have made it and they are in-stock! We are shipping them out daily and are totally caught up with all of the orders.  Be sure to get your waterproof dog bed cover and Never Have To Wash Your Dog Bed Again today! We have a few tips and tricks on keeping your DogSheetz clean below that will help you get the most out of your DogSheetz!

Picture below submitted by mydogslog instagram!  Be sure to follow them!

mydogslog DogSheetz waterproof dog bed cover model


Step 1: Remove the soiled DogSheetz

Step 2: Shake or vacuum any excess debris

Step 3: Wash on COLD water with Non bleach detergent.

Step 4: Dry on (preferably lay flat to dry) but if you need it sooner, use LOW or NO heat dry.  Using heat to dry your DogSheetz could result in cracking the waterproof barrier.

Step 5: Replace.

Enjoy waterproof dog bed coverage that will keep your dog's bed clean and eliminate the need for you to wash your dog's bed! 

Now in-stock!  Get your DogSheetz now!


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