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Ultra soft, water and liquid proof Doggie Bed Sheets are designed for comfort and to protect your dog bed from accidents, mud, and whatever else they get into! Get DogSheets to cover your dog bed and keep the stink out!

You get a regular good quality dog bed and oh no! They have an accident or they come in soaked from running around in the rain or the early morning dew from the first potty break of the day.  It is so hard to keep clean and smelling fresh a dog bed that has been been soaked over and over.  Eventually it can damage the inside of the dog bed and every time you wash your dog, they are laying on the nasty bed and their fresh smell doesn't last long!

Note: This is currently still in prototype (we are collecting feedback and adjusting the product, so please don't be shy in emailing us with questions or suggestions).  Also since the DogSheetz is a prototype, once we nail down the design the price will likely increase.  Although we are doing everything possible to keep this Made in America and the price down!

Our DogSheetz, are made with love and an ultra fine luxurious fleece. They come together under the dog bed via elastic. In addition our DogSheetz cover dog beds that are rectangle, oval, circle, and ones that have walls.  If your dog bed has walls, be sure to measure for that additional length.  DogSheetz also have a water/liquid proof lining that helps to keep the stink out of the dog bed and makes it easier for you to wash!  Tip: Get 2 DogSheetz per dog bed so while one is in the hamper, the fresh, clean, and soft DogSheetz is on your Dog's bed!

  • Ultra Soft and Plush Fleece Dog Bed Cover
  • Water and Liquid Proof Dog Bed Sheet
  • Easy on and Easy off to make things easier
  • Elastic closure for the back of the DogSheets 
  • Fits on any rectangle, square, oval, and circle dog beds
  • Will also fit on bolster beds (ones that have walls)

 Sizing of your Dog Bed Sheet - DogSheetz

  • For rectangle or square beds with no walls, measure diagonally across the bed at the corners that are the furthest apart (as pictured below). Don't forget to add a few inches to cover the sides of the bed so the dog bed sheet will gather on the bottom of the bed.
  • For circles measure the length across the top with a few extra inches for the sides.
  • For dog beds with walls - measure from under the ground up the wall, then down the wall, across the bed then up the wall and down the wall to the floor.  Be sure to measure from one corner to the next diagonally as pictured below.

The total inches needs to be under the amount listed below for the sizes.  If yours is on the border line, we suggest going up a size.

Dog bed measure guide for dog bed sheets DogSheets or sheets for dog beds waterproof

The distance between the two corners and a little added for the sides is:

35 inches or less get a Small
50 inches or less get a Medium
60 Inches or less get a Large


NOTE: Grey is the only color at this time.

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