Jiminy Cricket! What Amazing Cricket Dog Treats!

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In today's modern world, environmentally conscious pet-parents can find it difficult to discover dog treats that could be considered "green" or ethical or even sustainable. We are happy to offer a solution.


No, that's not a long and uncomfortable silence. We mean actual crickets.

As strange of a concept as it may seem at first, crickets - as in the nocturnal insects - are a very healthy source of protein for dogs. 

At Really Good Pets Shop we sell the deliciously unique Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treat. These treats are

  • high in protein
  • rich with all essential amino acids
  • three times as rich in iron as spinach
  • full of omega 3 and 6
  • an excellent source of the B vitamins: B1, B2, and B12
  • a fantastic source of fiber

Crickets are the primary source of protein for these treats. This is a profoundly sustainable resource.

Unlike many animals that are raised for food, crickets take up comparatively very little land: 67% less than chickens, and a staggering 93% less than cows.

For water, a chicken uses 2300 times as much water as a cricket while a cow uses 22,000 times more.

For feed, a cricket eats 32% less than a chicken, and 83% less than a cow.

And as far as greenhouse gasses go, chickens emit 300 times more than crickets while cows emit 2850 times more.

If this were not enough, we know that the ethical factor of how animals are raised is important to customers. Crickets are harvested at the end of their natural life cycles, unlike many other animals who are slaughtered less than twenty percent through theirs. 

Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats are environmentally sustainable and humanely raised and harvested. However, how do they taste?

Jiminy's is happy to report very satisfied dogs have eaten their treats. Of course, it depends on which of the three main flavors makes your dog the happiest.

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Jiminy's Original Cricket Dog Treat

The Original Flavor offers crickets and lentils as their primary proteins which are very healthy for dogs. They also get a very tummy-healthy dose of pumpkin as the third ingredient, which goes a long way to keeping your pup's output both regular and solid. Other ingredients include flax seed, peanut butter, coconut oil, and molasses among other very healthy additives included to keep your pup strong. There are 8 calories per treat with 26 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat, and 6 grams of fiber.

Also note that our treats are completely grain free, corn free, gluten free, and glycerin free. Crickets have not been treated with antibiotics, and there are absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Jiminy's Peanut Butter and Blueberry Cricket Dog Treat  

While this sounds like a sandwich that a toddler might enjoy (and ok, us too, we can admit it), the peanut butter and blueberry treat is distinctively healthy. The first ingredient here is peanut butter, perhaps your dog's favorite messy snack! Then we have cricket powder, ground flax seed and lentils, followed by blueberries, molasses, and coconut oil. This treat has flavors to make your dog super happy and enough wholesomeness to give you, the pet parent, peace of mind. There is nothing unhealthy or non-edible in any of these ingredients.

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Jiminy's Sweet Potato and Apple Cricket Dog Treat

With the Sweet Potato and Apple cricket treat, your dog can have Thanksgiving all year round! What a delightful concept. (Seriously - who would not want apple and sweet potato pie at a moment's notice?)

Sweet potatoes and apples are very healthy treats for dogs, providing vitamins, clean teeth, and fresh breath. In Jiminy's treats, these are combined with cricket powder, lentils, peanut butter, flax seed with other healthy ingredients to make certain that your dog gets the highest quality treat.

These treats are also created to be human-grade, meaning that the same government standards of health and cleanliness that go into developing food for people are replicated for these dog treats. We know that your dog is your family: why give them anything that is sub-par?

It is also important for many of our clients to know that these treats are 100% sourced and made in the United States. There are no different or lowered standards in any part of the creation of the cricket treats. Everything that you see on the label is everything that you get. Nothing more, nothing less. It is important to us that you feel confident with everything our products have to offer. All of Jiminy's ingredients have been carefully selected with care, and we would never want to sell your pup a cookie that we wouldn't give to our own pup.

It may take a little getting used to the idea of a cricket treat for dogs. We get it. Believe it or not, dogs tend to "hunt" some insects. It's not unusual for your dog to chase a moth who flew into your house, or to watch a grasshopper in the yard, only to chomp down on it, T-Rex style. Insects provide a natural and good amount of protein for your dog. He may not want this to be the only thing you ever feed him, but he will have no issue if this becomes a part of the "good dog" snack regimen.

These treats are very reasonably priced at only $12.95 a bag. When you order from us online, we provide free shipping with no minimum. You can make one-time purchases, or subscribe and save 15% with the first order and save 10% on the remaining orders! And if this is your first order, you can save 20% with the code CRICKET at checkout. 

Like you, we only want the best for your dog.

Want even more information about Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats?  Click Here!

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