Protein Powered, Grain Free, Environmentally Friendly and Perfect for Dogs with Allergies!
Ordered in small batches to ensure freshness so limited stock available!
Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats Are:
  • NO Grain, Corn, Gluten, Glycerin
  • No Antibiotics, GMOs, Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives
  • Higher in Protein than Beef or Chicken
  • Healthy, Humane and a Sustainable Protein
  • Less than 10 calories per cookie
  • 100% sourced in North America and Made in the USA
  • High in Omegas, Fiber & Vitamins B2 & B12
  • High in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium

Original Cricket Dog Treat Nutrition Info
  • Made with Pumpkin (Pumpkin is known to help settle upset tummies)
  • Ingredients: Cricket Powder, Lentils, Pumpkin, Flax Seed, Peanut Butter, Molasses, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Buffered Distilled White Vinegar, Mixed Tocopherols (a source of Vitamin E), Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract
  • Calories Per Treat = 8
  • GA: Protein 26, Fat 15, Fiber 6, Moisture 10

Peanut Butter & Blueberry Cricket Dog Treat Nutrition Info
  • Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Cricket Powder, Ground Flax Seed, Lentils, Blueberries, Molasses, Coconut Oil, Seal Salt, Citric Acid, Buffered Distilled White Vinegar, Antioxidants (Canola Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract)
  • Calories Per Treat = 9
  • GA: Protein 27, Fat 15, Fiber 6, Moisture 10

Sweet Potato & Apple Cricket Dog Treat Nutrition Info
  • Ingredients: Cricket Powder, Lentils, Sweet Potato Puree, Ground Flax Seed, Peanut Butter, Apple Puree, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Buffered Distilled White Vinegar, Antioxidants (Canola Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract)
  • Calories Per Treat = 8
  • GA: Protein 28, Fat 15, Fiber 7, Moisture 10

Cricket Dog Treats FAQ
  • Are there actual cricket legs and stuff sticking out? No, the treats are made of Cricket powder which is made by harvesting the crickets at the end of their life cycle (unlike chicken or cow) and are ground up into a fine, super rich protein powder! You won't even notice that they are made out of crickets.
  • What kind of texture do the cookies have? They have a "cookie" texture. They can be broken up into small bites if you have a really small mouth to feed. Check out the video below!
  • How big is each cookie? The cookies are about 1 inch long to about 1 inch wide each. Perfect for snacking and training!
  • What do crickets taste like? Humans have reported that they taste "nutty". The dogs...just gobble them up before they have a chance to "speak". But to be sure...just ask your dog after they try a few! ;)
  • My Dog has allergies...Will these ingredients help to keep food allergies away? Although we are not a vet, if your dog is experiencing food allergies to beef, chicken, other typical protein sources, grains, corn, or gluten then these treats are perfect for your dog. Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats are made with no corn, gluten, grains, or typical protein sources like beef or chicken. With cricket protein most dogs have not developed an allergy for them due to constant feeding of them so these treats will help keep allergies at bay. Note: Some humans who have a nut allergy will find that they could be allergic to cricket protein.
  • Will my dog like them? He is kind of finicky with treats... We have found that some finicky eaters have actually gobbled these treats up because the protein source is different than their usual. We have seen dogs go crazy over these treats even though their humans said it was rare that they eat any treat. So go ahead and give them a try!
  • Can we see a video of these cookies and dog eating them? Absolutley! Just scroll down and you will see the video of customers dogs chomping on them! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see more adorable pictures of dogs eating Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats!
  • Do you really offer FREE Shipping with No Minimums and Free Returns? Yes! There are no set amount that you have to spend in order to get free shipping. You can of course upgrade your shipping to a faster delivery time if you so desire but most dogs get their treats within 5 days of ordering.
  • What if my dog doesn't like them? Although this is rare...we will gladly refund your order. You can give the remaining treats to a friend for them to try out!
  • Do you offer an subscription service to automatically deliver these treats without me running out? Yes! Just click the picture of the flavor of Jiminy's cricket dog treats that you want set up to auto-deliver. On that page you can set up how frequent and how many you need to be delivered. And there is a constant discount when you subscribe that will automatically apply. Just set and forget!
Free Shipping with No Minimums...Always

Cricket Dog Treats

Switch to Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats to eliminate protein, grain, and gluten allergens in your dog’s diet. 

Does your dog experience some or all of the following due to allergies?

  • General itchiness
  • Licking paws or licking seemingly random spots
  • Do random hot spots from excessive licking on the leg or body area appear
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Bald patches
  • Inflamed (reddish tinge) skin
  • Sore/scabs

Eliminating potential protein, grains, corn, and gluten allergens from your dog’s diet is a good place to start.  When you begin the process with eliminating common allergic proteins, (beef, chicken, etc.), grains, corn, or gluten from your dog’s diet, don’t forget about their treats as well as their food. 

Jiminy Cricket Dog Treats is the best hypoallergenic dog treat out there today.

      Research was conducted and found that 278 dogs with food allergies were evaluated and the problem ingredient was clearly identified for each dog.  Beef was the most common allergen, being responsible for 95 of the cases reported.  Dairy was responsible for 55 cases, making it the second most frequent cause.  Corn was identified as the offender in 7 cases.*

    Switching to a protein source such as crickets solve this common allergy problem by changing the protein source from the usual beef, chicken, etc..  Thankfully Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats are not only made with a unique sustainable protein source, but also do NOT include: Corn, Grain, Gluten, Antibiotics, GMO’s, and are filled with omegas and fatty acids to help with the dog’s overall health and wellbeing. 

    In addition, Jiminy’s Cricket Dog Cookies come in 3 distinct flavors, Peanut Butter & Blueberries, Sweet Potato & Apple, and the Original Recipe Pumpkin.  These flavors are perfect for the dog that needs grain, gluten, and corn removed from their diet.  Choose a flavor you think your dog will like the best, or get all 3!  You can’t go wrong with continuing the health of your dog with our cricket dog treats.

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    A dog’s diet is not complete without the occasional treat and when you reward your dog, choose a treat that won’t undo the benefit of eliminating the harmful things in your dog’s main food.  Choose Jiminy’s Cricket Dog Treats and give your dog some relief! 

    Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats are:

    • high in protein
    • rich with all essential amino acids
    • three times as rich in iron as spinach
    • full of omega 3 and 6
    • an excellent source of the B vitamins: B1, B2, and B12
    • a fantastic source of fiber

    Crickets are the primary source of protein for these treats. This is a profoundly sustainable resource.

    Unlike many animals that are raised for food, crickets take up comparatively very little land: 67% less than chickens, and a staggering 93% less than cows.


    And as far as greenhouse gasses go, chickens emit 300 times more than crickets while cows emit 2850 times more.

    If this were not enough, we know that the ethical factor of how animals are raised is important to customers. Crickets are harvested at the end of their natural life cycles, unlike many other animals who are slaughtered less than twenty percent through theirs. 

    Jiminy's Cricket Dog Treats are environmentally sustainable and humanely raised and harvested. However, how do they taste?

    Our dog LOVE them!  Check out this video to see the reaction of the owners dogs!

    Facts about Cricket dog treats

    Why We Love Them:  Our dogs are constantly eating bugs anyway, so when we found these treats, we thought...meh why not?  Our dogs LOVE them!  They are nicely priced and the Cricket Dog Treats are a sustainable protein source and one of the cleanest cookies you can find.  Just take a look at the list of what is in can actually pronounce all of the ingredients.  Enough said.  Dogs love them and they are a great conversation starter. LOL So get a bag and try them!  You won't regret it.

    Cricket Dog Treats by Jiminy

    These treats are also created to be human-grade, meaning that the same government standards of health and cleanliness that go into developing food for people are replicated for these dog treats. We know that your dog is your family: why give them anything that is sub-par?

    It is also important for many of our clients to know that these treats are 100% sourced and made in the United States. There are no different or lowered standards in any part of the creation of the cricket treats. Everything that you see on the label is everything that you get. Nothing more, nothing less. It is important to us that you feel confident with everything our products have to offer. All of Jiminy's ingredients have been carefully selected with care, and we would never want to sell your pup a cookie that we wouldn't give to our own pup.

    It may take a little getting used to the idea of a cricket treat for dogs. We get it. Believe it or not, dogs tend to "hunt" some insects. It's not unusual for your dog to chase a moth who flew into your house, or to watch a grasshopper in the yard, only to chomp down on it, T-Rex style. Insects provide a natural and good amount of protein for your dog. He may not want this to be the only thing you ever feed him, but he will have no issue if this becomes a part of the "good dog" snack regimen.
    Have a look at the different flavors and get yours today!

    Carlotti DN, Remy I, Prost C. Food allergy in dogs and cats. A review and report of 43 cases. Vet Dermatol 1990;1:55-62.