Adjustable Belly Tre Ponti Small Dog Harness

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This Adjustable Belly Small Dog Harness made by Tre Ponti will fit your dog like a glove. For those breeds that have bigger bellies (or voluptuous the kind) this harness is made for you.  You can adjust the girth for a totally custom experience.  As with all Tre Ponti harnesses, there is no fur that will get ripped out, blisters or matted fur under the arm pits, and provides the most freedom while giving you the most control.  Perfect harness for any small dog.

Note: Please see sizing chart below.

  • Simple but ingenious! It's made ​​in one piece without seams.
  • Its "boomerang" shape has been carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure points on the whole structure and prevents situations of suffocation.
  • This version with adjustable girth is ideal for dog breeds with particular body structure types or for those are a little overweight
  • Wear it in few simple steps and enjoy its perfect fit.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, your dog will feel finally free to move, run and play.
  • Made of soft and flexible material, water-proof and easy to wash.

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