Adjustable Belly Tre Ponti Small Dog Harness

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This Adjustable Belly Small Dog Harness made by Tre Ponti will fit your dog like a glove. For those breeds that have bigger bellies (or voluptuous the kind) this harness is made for you.  You can adjust the girth for a totally custom experience.  As with all Tre Ponti harnesses, there is no fur that will get ripped out, blisters or matted fur under the arm pits, and provides the most freedom while giving you the most control.  Perfect harness for any small dog.

Note: Please see sizing chart below.

  • Simple but ingenious! It's made ​​in one piece without seams.
  • Its "boomerang" shape has been carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure points on the whole structure and prevents situations of suffocation.
  • This version with adjustable girth is ideal for dog breeds with particular body structure types or for those are a little overweight
  • Wear it in few simple steps and enjoy its perfect fit.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, your dog will feel finally free to move, run and play.
  • Made of soft and flexible material, water-proof and easy to wash.

Adjustable belly Tre Ponti Liberty Harness


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Customer Reviews

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Simply Beautiful Designed!

Highly recommended! The TRE PONTI products are .. bar none .. amazing. Not only is this impeccably crafted with attention to every detail, it looks beautiful. I purchased the blue color and it is stunning against my brindled french bulldog. Extremely well constructed and strikingly beautiful…A perfect combination. I also purchased the regular reflective leash and the lead with the double safety handle. Love them both! I also can not praise David @ Really Good Pets Shop enough for his personal touch in making sure your process and purchase for your pooch is flawless. Now I wait for the TRE PONTI collar in that gorgeous blue!

Worth the Wait

It took me several tries to get the proper size for my two Shih Tzu mixes. But now that that process is done, I am very pleased with the harnesses. They are easy to put on and take off. They keep the dogs under control at all times and are attractive. I'm pleased with my purchase. I am a little disappointed that they are plastic but I guess that will make them easy to care for. I've had no difficulty so far.

Excellent service

Ordered a Tre Ponti harness for our Westie which turned out to be too big. David @ Really Good Pets Shop immediately responded to my email with information on how to return the harness (including free return postage) and replace it with a smaller size. Very satisfied and highly recommended.


Gave my review the name disappointed, not because of the harness because of my dog..Odis chewed it within the first 5minutes he had it on. Was so excited to receive this harness..went onto utube to research the best harness..found that the TRE PONTI was rated the best. I went thru all of this because I'm having a very hard time finding a harness that fits him. Received our package, sat on steps outside and put it on him..noticed there was a little room in chest area..came into house trying to decide what I was going to do..walked across the room away from him to get his leash..upon return, noticed he got that little mouth down on his chest area and had chewed his brand new harness. His picture went up on his wall of shame on Facebook that To sum it up I was so disappointed I could of cried..can't afford to buy another yet. I do like my TRE PONTI leash..thought I would like the padded end and I do..he pulls a lot and the handle makes it easier on my hand..Was so hoping the harness would help w/the pulling..


Adjustable Belly Tre Ponti Small Dog Harness