DogSheetz Are Finally Happening...Kind of!

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It has been almost a year since I started this crazy process of inventing DogSheetz.  There are have been slumps and high points but I think we are finally moving in the right direction.

DogSheetz what happened to them?

First, What is DogSheetz?  DogSheetz is a universal dog bed cover that makes washing dog beds a cinch.  In addition, it is 100% waterproof and is great for senior dogs and puppies. 

Gone are the days that you have to lug around a huge dog bed and attempt to wash it in your machine.  We have been hearing from customers that their dog bed was falling apart by the time they washed it 3 times.  This is insane!  Especially when you keep in mind how much money we paid for the "nice" dog bed to begin with!

DogSheetz just simply covers the dog bed and is closed under the dog bed via elastic.  To wash it:

1.  Pull it off

2.  Wash it

3.  Put it back on

That's a lot easier than what we were having to do before!

When can you get your DogSheetz?  Apparently, everything with manufacturing isn't answered in is answered in weeks.  I have a question or want a will take a week before I get an answer.  It is incredibly frustrating but yet I know it will be worth it.  Right now, I am hoping that we get DogSheetz shipped out to people in March 2018.  I am trying to make this go as fast as possible but it seems as the design of what I want is challenging the limits of the machines that make them.  It's one of those things that I have to just keep pushing forward and seeing if things can be made easier or not.

Many people have commented on the ad that we had on Facebook and it was very enlightening!  So why did I turn off the ad?  Because people were wanting to know how and when to purchase it.  People were getting frustrated that they couldn't buy it now so that is why I turned it off.  I don't like frustrating people so I thought it would be better to wait till we had some samples or a concrete price and ship date.

As for the pricing.  That is mainly what we are waiting on at this point.  I have good color swatches for them to go off of and I just need to find out how they are going to engineer the large size without having seams in bad areas.  Once they have a finalized idea of the large size, then we will get the estimate for the large size price. 

When all of that is nailed down we will open it officially for Pre-Orders.  The first round of Pre-Order people will receive an awesome discount for purchasing early.  We may do a round of Kickstarter or Indiegogo after the initial Pre-Order run.  If we choose to do that, the discounts won't be as great as the Pre-Orders were.

So that is officially where we are.  Waiting...  SMH 

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