Adorably Spooky Pet Tips for Halloween

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Halloween is creeping up quickly, and if you’re like me, you know that October 31 is going to be filled with the sound of “Woof woof woof!” Yes, somebody is at the door again, and my dogs will not be able to contain their excitement. I live in an area that will be filled with trick-or-treaters. The last thing I want to do is frighten young children and annoy their parents. I enjoy handing out candy but now with two large dogs I have to be strategic.  What is the best way to ensure that everyone has a good time?

Sherlock holmes dog costume

  • Make sure that lighting outdoors is working. If the trick-or-treaters can neither see nor be seen (by the dogs), that will heighten everyone’s anxiety. Change any bulbs that have burnt out, and consider adding a few festive lights to show that you are a friendly house. Your dogs might be startled by people wearing masks and other costumes that obstruct faces, but making these costume-wearers stand in the shadows will only freak the dogs out more.
  • Introduce your dogs to the neighborhood kids ahead of time. Let your dog make new friends, and the area kiddos will be happy to see her greeting them. And if your dog gets to know the trick-or-treaters ahead of time, the feeling of stranger-danger will be diminished. The pup may even be excited by their visit.
  • Give your dogs some healthy treats. When the trick-or-treaters are out and about and the street is bustling, your dog might get agitated. Let your pup know everything is going to be fine with some loving pats and some extra yummy snacks.
  • Let your dog get in on the fun. Halloween is a blast, and there is no reason not to have your dog participate. Consider getting her a costume. She can be an adorable caterpillar or a tough biker chick – the sky is the limit. When trick-or-treaters see your pooch dressed up, they’ll love it.
  • Keep the pup away from the candy! Halloween candy in large doses can make anyone sick, but it can be toxic to dogs. Make sure that your bowl or bag you are keeping the night’s stash in stays at a safe distance from the dog. They’ll be very curious about it since you will be reaching for it constantly.


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here, and we believe that everyone in the family ought to get involved. But just like with kids, we want to be sure that everyone – including the dogs – have a safe and fun time. Enjoy your night, and be sure to show us your costume pictures!

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