What Happened to the Forza No Pull Harness? Where did it go?

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We have some good news and some bad news, and to stave off any anxiety we shall begin with the bad news:

The Bad News: We have just learned that the Tre Ponti Forza No-Pull harness has been discontinued. This wonderful harness has been one of our most popular items at Really Good Pets so needless to say, we are pretty surprised. This harness adjusts easily, comes in a fabulous array of colors, has a safety lock, and has a soft front strap that not only eases pulling but prevents any doggy armpit blisters. We think this harness is the shih-tzu!

And just to be clear, there is nothing faulty about the current Tre Ponti Forza No-Pull Harnesses. They have not been recalled, nor have there been complaints about them. This is completely a Tre Ponti decision to improve an already great product.

Forza No Pull Tre Ponti Harness


The Good News: In the spring of 2018, the Tre Ponti harness designers plan to have the new-and-improved harness ready! Yes, we all have to wait until then but at least there is something in the works. Will there be new colors? Will there be new straps? Who knows? We cannot wait to see what amazing changes are going to be made. All we know right now is that we will carry it, and once it arrives, we will let you, our loyal customers know immediately.

In the meantime, we still have some of the current model in stock. If you would like one, be sure to order it soon as we are confident that we will sell out.

Forza No Pull Tre Ponti Harness

More Good News: We have other Tre Ponti harnesses as well, if you wish to browse through our selection. Whether you have a tea cup pupper who fits in a purse or a dog who gets confused with a small horse, we have harnesses that will fit.


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