DogSheetz the Waterproof Dog Bed Cover is in Production!

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Update! DogSheetz are now available for sale and are on their way here. The first shipment is March 10th 2018!

Yay! Just a quick update on our waterproof dog bed cover: we are officially in production! We have nailed down the dates and we expect the DogSheetz to be produced by February 1st. When they get packaged and sent to my warehouse it will be in March.  

We will be starting in the order that pre-orders came in.  So if you pre-ordered a long time ago, then you will get your first.  To give you a frame of reference, if you ordered before or during the month of November, you will be in the first wave of shipments. We will go in shipments of 100 per day.  

Update on the color.  We are going forward with the grey color.  However, the factory accidentally created test dye's of brown instead of we have to have them redo it. But this should not affect our timeline at all. yay!

The reason this is taking so long for them to sew it is that the fabric used to create DogSheetz is a special engineered fabric that will be an all in one waterproof dog bed cover that is extremely soft and luxurious fleece.  They have to make the fabric before they can sew it because the fabric is not used in any other context at this time. So we have to wait on the factory to make the fabric, then wait on them to sew the fabric into the DogSheetz

I have been hearing from many people that are excited for DogSheetz to finally be happening and many people are anxiously waiting for this to come to their dog's bed and to make their lives easier.  I promise that the wait will be worth it!  The waterproof dog bed cover will make it to where You Never Have To Wash Your Dog Bed Again!

Stay tuned here for updates!

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