Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs, What You Should Know

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As we work hard to fulfill our dogs’ nutritional needs by providing them healthy meals, it is easy to overlook snacks. So often in our culture, the words “treats” or “snacks” imply a time to let the rules slide, or to cheat on the healthy practices you have set into place.

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As happy as this might make your dog, this is not something to encourage or to overlook. Snacks and treats ought to be just as healthy. While they may not be the primary meal for your pup, it is still important that treats still be relatively healthy, whether he is learning a new trick, obeying a command, or just being a good boy.

However, healthy does NOT have to mean “tastes terrible.” Be honest, how many of us hesitate at a tray of brownies described as “the healthy alternative?” The thing is, we are only depriving ourselves of both something healthy and something potentially very tasty.

The same holds true for dog treats. There are many healthy options. While you may want to offer your dog a meat-centered dinner, vegetables, like sweet potatoes can be fantastic snacks. And if cooking the item up (it has to be cooked – no going raw here) if not appealing, then try our Doggie Sweet Taters.

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With their level of beta-carotene and vitamins, sweet potato snacks promote healthy canine coats, skin, eyes, and muscles. They are an excellent source of fiber and are naturally gluten-free. They also support digestive health, and are a great option if your dog has an upset tummy or GI tract.

Our Doggie Sweet Taters come in long strips. For dogs who like to take their time with a treat, this can be an enjoyable ten-minute chewing experience. This type of gnawing can also help with dental cleaning. Otherwise, the strips can be broken up and offered as quick bite-sized rewards during training. Getting rewarded with a slice of this for learning sit, stay, or down, or connecting with clicker training will help reinforce the concept the dog just learned.

These low-calorie treats that are made purely of sweet potatoes – there is no added nonsense.  Dog treats should be just as healthy as their regular meals, even if it is comprised of different food.  As with any new food, ask your vet if your dog can have sweet potato, and be sure to let the vet know if your pooch develops any sort of reaction, like an ear infection or some extra itching. These snacks are not intended to replace meals, and should only be offered in moderation.

 You want what is best for your dog. Moving away from the high fat snacks with ambiguously labeled ingredients is an important step in maintaining their health. And the dogs will love how the new snacks taste.

With so many benefits, it’s enough to make you want to reach for the healthy snacks yourself!

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