Hooray for Dog Dads!

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Just like the pups they love, Dog Dads come in all shapes and sizes. On this day of honoring fathers, we proudly say that we love all of our Pooch Pops out there.

There are the dads who take their dogs on adventures. These guys want someone to explore new paths with, and someone to tackle rough terrain with as they hike up an even higher mountain. Of course they pack enough snacks for their pupper and even split a sandwich with their best buddy. And when those four legs get a little too tired, they have creative solutions.

Taking our best pals on adventures, wherever they may be is one of the best bonding methods out there. Dad and dog rely on one another for companionship, get excited together when spotting someplace new, and keep one another safe when everyone else is a stranger. 

Of course, staying at home with your dog has its own rewards.  Hanging out on the sofa binge watching your favorite series wouldn't be the same without your fur baby wagging enthusiastically as you as you exclaim, "I did NOT see that coming!" The pups bark as you cheer on your favorite team and curl up next to you when this same team blows an incredible lead and throws away an entire season. 

There are the guys who try out their new recipes with their dog. The guys who have to get a dog dish that matches the human dishes. The guys who will give the special cuts of steak to their dogs because to doing otherwise just wouldn't be right.

We have our Dog Dads who can't help but tell dad jokes about their dogs to the rest of the family.

Q: What do dogs eat for breakfast?

A: Woofles!!

Q: What kind of dog can replace a clock?

A: A watch dog!


Finally, we have our dog dads who entrust their lives to their dogs. They are working partners with a bond that can never be broken. These dogs help their dads both while doing their dangerous jobs, and years later while they try to shake off the memories. Military and service dogs also have amazing Dog Dads who deserve our recognition.


All of these Dog Dads are heroes in our opinion. Young, old, short, tall, skinny, or wide, these dogs have scored big time if they have landed a home with any of them.

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