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As I am sure that most of you have heard or seen, we became a dealer for Tre Ponti Dog Harnesses!  We are so excited at this opportunity.  We are the ONLY online store that carries Tre Ponti Dog Harnesses in the United States and we feel proud to be bringing quality harnesses to dogs.  Switching to a harness and especially a Tre Ponti Harness, literally is saving the dog's eyes, throat, glands, and brain function.  More and more research is coming out that switching to a harness is paramount to the health of your dog.  We LOVE this brand and everything they do.  They researched tirelessly to get a harness that gives the dog freedom while giving us the control and safety precautions.  It is no wonder that we have been slammed with customers wanting to know more and to purchase these harnesses. 

We also have ran into our first "big boy" problem.  Keeping up with inventory and making sure that we have enough harnesses on hand for people!  It has been a challenge, but we are growing and learning from our mistakes.  We are also facing an issue with the distribution in America in that they too are running out of inventory.  Currently we are waiting on Italy to supply us with more harnesses.  We have a lot still available so it just depends on the size, color, and style that people want.  

Really Good Pets Shop also did a lot more local events showing off our hard work, dog training, and doing seminars to educate the public on good dog ownership.  It has been a whirlwind with going to an event of some kind every weekend.  But, it has been a blast.  The cool people that we have met have been awesome and it's so cool to see our products on dogs and changing lives!

Thank you so much for rooting for us and joining in our fun.  We so appreciate every purchase and every mention.  Be sure to tell your friends about us and tell your friends about our new Tre Ponti Dog Harnesses!  If you want to see which one is perfect for your dog, click here!

Give your dog a hug from us/me!

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