How to Measure your Dog's neck

Posted by David Hallum on

When you are measuring your dog's neck for a collar it can be a little hard with them squirming around.  You can wait till they fall asleep, but as soon as you get close, mine jump up and say "Lets Play!".  

1.  Use a piece of string made obviously longer than what you will need.  Wrap the string around their neck and hold where the end meets the string.  Keep in mind that the dog's collar should be loose enough to fit two fingers between the neck and the collar. 

2.  Let go of the free end of the string keeping hold of where it meet on the other end.

3.  Go to a ruler or tape measure and lay the string out, that is how many inches your need!

Just like that, you can get the perfect fit collar for your dog!  Let us know if you have come up with any other ideas!

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