What is my dog doing when I'm gone?

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As a dog trainer I get this question a lot.  My answer is always the same "It depends".  It depends on if your dog is experiencing any anxiety with your absence.  Some of you know if your dog is having separation anxiety due to the destruction you see when you get home.  Others see the anxiety on your dog's face when their beard or fur under their chin is soaked with drool.  Some, may not even know that your dog is having separation anxiety!  How can you know 100% certain that they are comfortable when you leave?  The answer is a pet camera.  

I personally have one of these home wireless pet cameras and LOVE IT.  When I left to go on vacation, I knew that the pet sitters would do their job, but sometimes I like to be sure that they are fine and not distressed.  This camera can work on an iPhone, iPad, PC, and Android devices.  This makes checking on your fur babies easy and affordable.  It has no subscription service and all you have to do is have either wireless or plugged in internet.  You can download the app on your phone for free and it sets itself up.  Also, I noticed that you can swipe your finger on your phone and it will remotely move the camera angle 360 degrees and total up and down positions.

So why would I need one?  For starters, it would help a dog trainer or you identify a problem of separation anxiety when you leave.  The camera also has a microphone so you can hear and talk to your pet!  Also, those long stays at work, you can check on your loved one with ease and comfort.  If you leave your home and check on your pet using this camera, and notice that your dog is in distress, contact a dog trainer immediately.  Check around and see if there are any dog trainers who specialize in separation anxiety.  Show them the recorded footage of the distress when you leave.  You can also go through your routine of leaving for a long period of time and then stand outside the neighborhood and show the dog trainer live what is going on with your dog.  This can be an instrumental tool into gaining insight on how severe the separation anxiety is.   

Folks, this is one of those things that now that I have one, I will not go another day without it.  Believe me, it is worth every penny and only gains valuable information on the happenings of my dogs.  

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