4 Ways a Tre Ponti Harness is Just Better For Your Dog

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I provide this blog post as a public service announcement.  Stop getting the harnesses that affect gait (Front clipping harnesses), rub blisters, pulls fur out, or ones that need a battery.  Also, stop using a collar to walk your dog unless your dog never, ever, ever, pulls.  Recent research indicates that a dog pulling in a collar increases the ocular (eye) pressure.  Here are 4 ways that a Tre Ponti Harness is a lot better for your dog than other harnesses and collars.

  1. Tre Ponti Harnesses are ergonomic and do not affect gait of the dog (For example, a front clipping harness). When you look at the underbelly of a Tre Ponti Harness, there are no straps that run between the legs providing a free feeling to the dog.  Customers have reported that their dog’s walked better in a Tre Ponti Harness because the dog didn’t feel confined.  I have personally seen total transformations in behavior when switching to the Tre Ponti Harness from one second to the next.  The even better news is that you still have all the control and safety a harness provides.  Take a look at this video for a close up of the underbelly.                          
  2. Simple to put on and take off.  You know how it goes when trying to wrestle down a pup on your way out for a walk.  Complete pandemonium of excitement usually makes it difficult to get legs to settle down.  I have found the best way to put on a Tre Ponti Harness, take a look at this video for a tutorial.  For large dogs, you simply slip one loop over the head and clip the belly strap, that’s it!  Pretty awesome huh?                         
  3. Doesn’t pull on the fur, rub blisters, or mats the fur.  Many people have reported that the Liberta and the Mesh buckle harnesses for small dogs do not cause any issues with the fur.  Large dog people report that absolute comfort with lose straps over the fur, totally prevent blisters and wear spots.  
Interesting Fact:  Both the small and large dog harnesses are perfect for running where blisters are especially prevalent.  If you are into running, Tre Ponti Harnesses and the Running Bungee Dog Leash by Ezy Dog are perfect for those long runs.  I personally have taken mine in their Tre Ponti Harnesses for 5k, 10k, and Marathon runs.  Absolutely no problems for my dog!  It was a different story for me though…

    1. Doesn’t push on any pressure points making it the most comfortable harness! There is one thing that all dog owners have in common; we want the best for our dog.  With Tre Ponti Harnesses you can be certain you are providing the best in comfort and safety.  Pick out your Tre Ponti Harness for dogs and running dogs here!


    Check out some pictures of my personal dogs in their Tre Ponti Harness!  They are both wearing the Mesh Buckle Harness.

    Tre Ponti Harness for small and large dogs

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