SleekEZ for Dogs

  • $ 19.95

This SleekEZ grooming blade is made for dogs! Free Shipping Always. SleekEZ is perfect for those short to wire coats that shed like crazy! SleekEZ Dog grooming blade works great and relieves anxiety for those dogs who do not enjoy the long steel teeth scraping against their skin!  Stop messing with those other brushes, get the SleekEZ for dogs!

Imagine a day where you reach down to pick up a pill you dropped under the counter and realize...for once you did not put your hand into a pile of fur from your shedding fur kid!  The SleekEZ dog grooming blade will transform your life and you will visibly see the fur flying off of your dog and right into the trash where it belongs!  Not only will the SleekEZ Dog grooming blade pull out loose and dead hair from your short or wire haired coated dog, but it will help keep them clean longer!  This SleekEZ dog blade will pull out the dirt and grime that is left behind after several days of playing outside and inside the house bringing all sorts of "presents" for you.  Start enjoying a little less "fur decoration" for your new shirt, get your SleekEZ dog blade today!

This 5" SleekEZ dog grooming blade is doggone perfect for your canine friend.  It works excellently on bully breeds, chihuahuas, terriers and any dogs with short- to medium-length coats. Dogs that are sensitive to longer-toothed grooming brushes and combs prefer and enjoy the SleekEZ.  It is highly effective at stripping dead hair dander, and dirt, leaving one, sleek-looking pet!! Best dog brushes ever! This shedding comb will make it a joy for both you and your pup, don't believe us?  Check out the reviews below!

The handle is constructed of a waterproofed, quality hardwood.

2 Sizes are available: 5 inches and 2.5 inches.  This applies to the length of the handle.

AKA: Sleek ez sleez ez sleezez Sleek ez

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Works very well.

Chris Ortiz

It's ok does not work well on my small Chihuahua stairs long hair I get more hair when I pet them then when I use this product

Kayla Boyd

At first, I wasn't using enough pressure and I didn't get much hair out. Once I started brushing harder, it worked much better. However, my dog refused to love it like the animals in the commercials. She actually hates it and tries to eat it. Which is problematic. Also, I'm pretty sure the entire product is just a metal cutter from a roll of aluminum foil attached to a block of wood. I'm not mad. I'm impressed. 9/10 would recommend and continue using.

Jason Bowen
Love it!

This works wonders on our furry baby. He hates to be brushed but doesn't mind this at all and it gets so much hair off him.

Edith Nunez
5 star

I love it, works great! My dog actually likes getting her fur brushed with it. Fast shipping. Great customer service!