Chew Box

Chew Box is the only box that includes items hand selected by Dog Trainers for your dog’s healthy chewing needs. 

Fix destructive chewing now and get some relief!  Have a friend who just got a puppy or just adopted? Get them the Chew Box!  It helps them to start out on the right page!  Read below for more info and checkout our FAQ!

Chew Box gift for new dog owners and puppies

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Our Dog Trainers go through hundreds of chew toys and bones to select the toys that are best for your dog for the current month.  All you have to do is get your Chew Box for a gift for your own pup or someone else's! 



    There is a plush stuffed dog toy in my Chew Box; my dog destroys those in 2 seconds!

    • It doesn’t make sense in a humans mind, but for a dog…the destroying of a plush toy goes directly to their hunt and prey drive to destroy.  We know that they will destroy the plush, the toy is meant to be destroyed.  Just let them have it with supervision and throw away the stuffing and small pieces to keep them safe.  

    Help, my dog is chewing my shoes, chewing my underwear, chewing my carpet, my dog is simply chewing everything!  Will Chew Box help?

    • Yes, Chew Box could help with your chewing problems.  If your dog is chewing out of boredom, then absolutely!  Don't forget that any product is not a substitute for training.  Don't forget to mold their minds every day with confidence boosting toys and treats!

    Why do I need a Chew Box?

    • For a new puppy or newly adopted dog gift of a friend?  Your own dog deserves something nice, the list can go on and on.
    • Dog’s require a different shape, texture, size, and color in their toys to satisfy their prey and destruction drive.  If your dog is chewing your designer shoe, more than likely he/she is in the mood for something like a rawhide, Himy bone, or Ant Bone.  The cool part is that Chew Box will include something to satisfy that need!
    • Please read what is currently in the chew box as items rotate.  If your dog is too old to deal with hard objects, take that into mind when deciding if your dog wants the box or not.

    Are the Chew Box items really selected by a Dog Trainer?

    • Yep!  We keep track of all the toys that have gone out the previous months and start a rotation based on dog behavior.

    When will I be billed for my Chew Box?

    • This is NOT a subscription service.  When you are ready, just come back and buy another box!  It may be the same or the items could have changed!  To answer your question will be charged when you checkout.

    I was shopping and noticed something on the website I would like; can you just add it to my box?

    • Yes! We may send it separately but you can shop on the site and add anything to your cart in addition to the Chew Box.

    My dog really liked a specific dog toy; can I request it to be in the Chew Box?

    • You can purchase the specific toy on the website individually and not apart of the Chew Box as many times as you would like!