Small Dog Tre Ponti Dog Harness

Tre Ponti Dog Harness is the top of the line harness for your small dog. It protects your dog from trachea collapse, coughing, ocular (eye) pressure increase, and much more.

Easy Fit & Easy On - These harnesses are Easy Fit, in the sense that the harness has very little adjusting that you have to do.  In most harnesses, you have the chest, the belly, and the back strap to adjust.  With Tre Ponti harnesses, you have the girth.  That's it!  Talk about a lot easier than those traditional harnesses!

Armpit Blisters and Matted fur-  All of the Tre Ponti harnesses are built to not rub in the belly of the arm pit.  This prevents blisters when the dog gets wet and they are running around with the harness.  Since there is no strap that runs through the arm pit,  it prevents any matted fur that are painful and in some cases become infected to form.  Know that with a Tre Ponti harness, you won't have to worry about any of these painful consequences to other brands of harness.

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