Himalayan Dog Chew

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The Himalayan Dog Chew was born from an ancient recipe for a hard cheese snack chewed by the people of the Himalayas. In the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest at more than 15,000 feet, it is made using traditional methods with yak and/or cow milk, and all natural products with no preservatives or binding agents. They're also gluten-free! Depending on the size and eating habits of the dog, this can be a very long-lasting dog chew. Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly chewed off. When you give this treat to your dog, you know that you are providing them with high-quality eating entertainment.

Ingredients:  Yak and Cow Milk, Salt, and Live Juice

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min 52.8%, Crude Fat Min 0.9%, Moisture Max 10.2%, Ash Max 6.0%

Blue = Dogs Under 15 lbs (3-4 Pieces)

Green = Dogs Under 35 lbs

Red = Dogs Under 55 lbs

Yellow = Dogs Under 65 lbs (3 Pieces)

Gray = Dogs Under 70 lbs



Customer Reviews

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Michelle Anderson
himalayan dog chew

I gave these to both my little doxies last weekend and it provided hours of enjoyment for them both- they really enjoyed them, but they both ended up getting diarrhea, and Oliver has been throwing up. This is the only thing that they have had that was new to them, so i'm on the fence about the product- why would they get sick from this? i really wanted to find a product that was safe for them to chew on and was hoping this was it but i dont know if i want to try them again and see. I dont want to see my dogs not feeling well... I'm on the fence about this.

Theresa Sidhu
Good for heavy chewers

My beagle is chews through everything so quickly. These have lasted longer than anything I have bought. So would recommend it if you have a dog who is not just a strong chewer but a prolific one. Keeps him occupied.

Vanessa Bernal
5 star

Himalayan Dog Chew

Brandon Sims
Myy dogs love these and they last for weeks!

I have given these as gifts to people who complain about their dogs destroying their house when they leave. I always suggest to give them the Himalayan Chew Bone and they last for hours on end. I typically don't leave mine down all the time. I use these as "babysitters" for my dogs. So for me, they easily last a month. It is really cool that you can microwave the end pieces when you they are getting too small and give them back to your dog to finish every last morsel! These all natural chewies are the best and I am a huge fan. The price is good for how long it lasts. I am against rawhide so this is a safe alternative to those which I appreciate. Oh and they totally do not make a mess on my carpet or stink to high heaven. Try them out! You won't be disappointed!