Large Dog Tre Ponti Dog Harness

Tre Ponti Dog Harnesses are the top of the line in harnesses that will give your dog the most freedom and you the most control. 

No-Pulling - The harness that is specifically designed for this is the Forza Tre Ponti Harness. This awesome large dog harness is nice and relaxed while general walking, but as soon as the dog pull forward or attempts to back out of the harness, the harness tightens to keep them safe.  With proper training, the dog can be taught to recognize the tightening as a warning that they are getting too close to the end of their leash and need to slow down.  Get this harness if you have issues pulling or the dog backing out of their harness, it will transform the way you walk your dog!

Armpit Blisters and Matted fur-  All of the Tre Ponti harnesses are built to not rub in the belly of the arm pit.  This prevents blisters when the dog gets wet and they are running around with the harness.  Since there is no strap that runs through the arm pit,  it prevents any matted fur that are painful and in some cases become infected to form.  Know that with a Tre Ponti harness, you won't have to worry about any of these painful consequences to other brands of harness.

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