Dog Leashes

Our dog leashes range from leather to nylon and even lighted ones!  A lot of our leashes have a matching collar so if you like the leash and want a matching collar, don't forget to check them out.  Our leashes will be named the same as our dog collars if they have a matching pair of collar and leash.  Most of our leashes come in 2 lengths, 4 or 6 feet long.  Check the actual size in the product descriptions for exact widths and lengths.  Should you choose the 4 or 6 foot leash?  The answer depends.  Think about how tall is your dog, how tall are you, are you comfortable with having your dog be at least 6 feet away from you?  These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself while choosing the length.  If in doubt, go longer as you can always shorten the leash while you are walking by taking up the slack with your free hand.  Check out our blog for additional information.