Kissably Canine Tea for Dogs

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Kissably Canine Tea for Dogs with Free Shipping will soothe and help your dogs breath! This tea for dogs is specifically made to control dog breath by tackling odor-causing bacteria.  This tea specifically made for dogs contains a proprietary blend of organic, decaffeinated green tea, organic herbs and spices.  

You know how tea instantly calms us and provides those much needed antioxidants?  Your dog deserves that kind of pleasure and love in their life.  You can get yourself a cup of tea and your dog can join you!  We can now share some of the best joys of life with our furry kids, get yours today!

Each tin comes with free shipping and 20 individually wrapped tea bags.

How to Make your dogs tea!

  • Just like you would brew a cup of tea for yourself!  Steep Tea for Spot in an 8-10 ounce cup of water for 3-5 minutes.  Allow to cool adequately before serving.  Some pet parents add ice cubes to cool the brew quickly.

What if My dog likes Iced Tea?

  • Some dogs prefer their tea iced.  Use 3-4 tea bags for every quart of boiling water.  Let tea bags steep for 5 minutes.  Remove bags & chill.  This is great for those hot summer days!

How often should my dog enjoy tea?

  • Any of the Tea for Spot blends can be served daily.  In fact, better results will be obtained when Leaps & Bounds and Kissably Canine are consumed on a daily basis.

Contains: Atlantic Kelp*, Peppermint *, Fennel*, Chicken, Parsley*, Rose Hips*, Decaffeinated Green Tea*, Chicken Bone Broth.

*Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

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Awesome tea for dogs!

We tried it with a little less water than it wanted and dogs went NUTS over it. While it was steeping they were whining and jumping at the counter! lol I liked that they got more hydration than normal plus their breath actually was a lot better!!! Yes, it is an actual tea bag for dogs that you steep. I put it in their bowls once it had cooled down after steeping, after they finished licking it all up...I checked their breath and it was a lot better! So they loved it and their breath got better! What more can you ask for?