Primo Large Dog Tre Ponti Harness

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Primo Dog Harness by Tre Ponti combines comfort and total control with your dog. The metal D-ring attaches to a leash easily The additional nylon connector adds the ability for the harness to be used as a handle. This harness does not have a buckle in a weak spot like other harnesses. Rest assured this is for the big dogs that will give them the freedom to move as nature intended while giving you total control. With great care, every detail to ensure the product life has been made. Quality of materials, precision stitching, attention to details such as the engagement ring for leash with sliding roller to prevent premature wear of the handle.

  • Its "boomerang" shape has been carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure points on the whole structure and prevents situations of suffocation.  
  • Wear it in few simple steps and enjoy its perfect fit.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, your dog will feel finally free to move, run and play. 

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