Primo Carbon Fiber Large Dog Tre Ponti Harness

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This Primo Carbon Fiber CF Large Dog Harness made by Tre Ponti are stylish yet functional. The harness comes with a padded front and a built in safety bar.  The D-ring has a rolling extension that gives more longevity to the harness.  As with all Tre Ponti harnesses no armpits blisters, matted fur under the legs, and no pressure points being pushed on.  This harness is made to withstand the life of your dog and all it entails.  Let your dog have the most freedom while maintaining control when you need it the most. 

  • Padded front
  • Safety handle on the back
  • Rolling D-Ring for extra life
  • Great Carbon Fiber look to the top of the harness

Customer Reviews

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Looks elegant and solid, and is easy to put on. Our 8-month-old Greyhound is a bit to small for the medium size. I have to wait a couple of month before I sarting using it.

Easy to use.

This harness is working out very well for my 80 pound dog and I. It is so easy to put on him and fits perfectly. I especially like the strap on the the top of the harness, giving me good control when the dog gets too excited during meet-ups with other dogs while we are out walking. I am very pleased with this product.

Beautifully designed harness

The Tre Ponti harness is beautifully designed and will work well for any dog who pulls forward.

My dog, however, pulls sideways and back. That causes the harness to move forward. When he does pull forward, I can stop him with one hand. But then he goes in a circle for some odd reason.

So, our search for the world's best harness continues.

Primo Carbon Fiber Large Dog Harness

We have tried all kinds of collars and harnesses without luck until we got the Primo Harness. It goes on easily and doesn't catch on and pull our dog's hair. The best part is how much difference this harness made on our walks. Night and day difference - no pulling and helped guide him along without really any verbal commands to correct his behavior like with the other harnesses.