Liberty Buckle Tre Ponti Dog Harness

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Zeus and Miss Zippy may be small, but when they see their Tre Ponti Liberta buckle harnesses, they know it's time for a w-a-l-k in the great outdoors! They live to strut their stuff, and they love their harnesses. After all, those two go everywhere! Beach, woods, park or street, they’re always up for an adventure, right? That's why you're so glad you bought a Tre Ponti dog harness. Even the most seasoned, best-trained companion becomes a wiggly, quivering ball of flying fur when a trip outside is at stake.

Slipping head and legs into the right spots and trying to adjust straps and ties can quickly go wrong. Nothing is worse than jabbing a tender spot with an unwieldy buckle point, catching fur in twisted lines or wrestling with a flimsy leash loop that’s just too small. In contrast, the Tre Ponti Liberta dog harness is as safe and worry-free as it is elegant in design. One smooth, seamless boomerang-shaped piece curves to cradle your dog's breastbone and chest just right. You don't have to worry about narrow straps digging or cutting into joint areas, and all edges are smooth, rounded and flexible.

The simple, flat, side-release buckle right on top makes securing, releasing and even adjusting quick and easy. Best of all, the Tre Ponti Liberta harness does not rely on that buckle to keep your best friend safe. Instead, this harness uses two D rings as leash loops to distribute pressure evenly, with benefits to dog and handler.

Some harnesses rely on stiffness or complicated configurations for control, rubbing blisters and actually giving dogs leverage to pull. With the Tre Ponti, the harness is soft but secure, and you know it fits properly. When dogs pull, leash tension draws on the D rings, increasing pressure on the flexible Liberta harness and gently reminding your four-legged friend that he’s at the end of his leash. The Tre Ponti Liberta looks slick but is tough, too. It’s easy to clean and sheds dirt and water.

Whether Zeus lives for sand and surf or Miss Zippy loves to wrangle her way through briers and undergrowth, the Tre Ponti Liberta small dog harness will take them – and you – there and back for years of fun and adventure.

This harness for small dogs is simple and ingenious! Made ​​in one piece without seams.          

Its "boomerang" shape has been carefully designed to evenly distribute the pressure points on the whole structure and prevents situations of suffocation.     

  • Wear it in a few simple steps and enjoy a perfect fit.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design, your dog will finally feel free to move, run and play.
  • Made of soft and flexible material, water-proof and easy to wash.
  • Material made of multi-layer, ski-wear material developed in the Italian Alps.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Flexible and comfortable, yet strong.
  • Reflective trim is both a design and safety feature.
  • Quality that will last.
  • Stays clean and nice looking over time.
  • Can be easily wiped clean with damp cloth or even machine washed (but air dry only).
  • Doesn’t break unless chewed or cut.

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