Forza Large Dog Tre Ponti No Pull Harness

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ATTENTION:  The Forza has been discontinued by the manufacturer effective immediately! (10/25/2017)  They are re-designing the No Pull harness for an even better experience!  The Forza's left in stock at this time is ALL that we have!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please checkout the Freedom No Pull Harness, it has the patent technology of the martingale style pull in the back AND a front clipping D-ring that will not allow your dog to pull! Click Here to check it out! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you get free training videos with your no pull harness purchase by our Dog Trainers!

Tre Ponti Forza Strap Large Dog Harness provides the ideal fit for bigger dogs. The innovative design includes an "Easy Fit" system that keeps dogs comfortable and secure at all times. In many instances, large dogs are crushed when harnesses are too tight and slip out when harnesses are overly loose. However, the equestrian-like styling includes two metallic side rings that hold the polyester strap, which is attached to the leash. As your companion jumps away, the harness takes control without causing pain to your dog's body. You stay in control as the unit gently hugs your dog's shoulders. While at rest, it remains relaxed but will never come off. Thanks to the flexible fit, it will comfortably accommodate a coat in the colder months. If your dog is a strong puller, the smart design will close around its chest as the tension of the leash increases. You can train your dog that tightening is a sign to slow down. The soft front pad will keep armpit blisters and matted fur to a minimum as well.

The Forza Tre Ponti Large Dog Harness comes with a locking mechanism on the buckle that if slid into locking position, will prevent the buckle from going un-done. Be sure to slid the lock into the un-locked position to be able to squeeze the tabs to undo the buckle to remove the harness when finished.

  • Easy Fit design is adjustable to fit large dogs
  • Ergonomic design allows your dog to remain comfortable during all activities
  • Crafted from flexible and soft materials that can be easily cleaned
  • Dogs learn not to jump away
  • Lock on buckle to prevent accidental un-buckling  

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    How to Measure for a Forza Tre Ponti Dog Harness

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      Forza Large Dog Tre Ponti No Pull Harness